Friday, 24 October 2014

101 uses for tables and chairs

The chair is often  used in films to secure a door or make a barricade, last week the Canadian Parliament needed to secure the room for real from a gunman , by piling up their tables and chairs. Although this does make me feel they weren't really prepared to secure a door.?

Tuesday, 14 October 2014

101 Uses for train poles

This design..if it was meant to be used like this, is rather an odd idea..I fear it was just chance that it makes a good bike rack, although it means no one can get on or off.
As seen on the Hartford to Stafford train, heading for Brighton.

Saturday, 4 October 2014

101 uses for a hammer

If you don't have a putter and you want to test out your crazy golf course..use a hammer.

101 uses for a brick

Only Boris could use a house brick as a prop for a speech.

101 uses for an umbrella

Protests in HongKong by  students has been called the "umbrella revolution" as they have used umbrellas to help protect themselves against tear gas.

101 uses for a phone

Emerald cleverly used the light of her phone to help her draw the objects in the box at the museum.

101 uses for an escalator

 I didn't mamange to get a photo of it happening..but the cleaning lady followed me up on the escalator, mopping the sides by just standing still and letting the escalator do all the work. I said that is a good idea to her and she replied.
"this is the highlight of my day"
I must admit..I did want to try it...

101 uses for Tyres

Reconstruction of an art installation by Alan the Hepworth in Wakefield.(Archie trying outa few ideas.)