Tuesday, 11 June 2013

101 uses for a door

Spotted on the way to the co-op for a tin of pineapple rings. Rather sad to see such a nice door being used as a wheelbarrow ramp.

Saturday, 1 June 2013

101 uses for an oil drum

My quest to photograph these oil drums from a fast moving train has become legend on the 7.31 train to Manchester. I have aquired a number of "train buddies" who find it highly amusing that I wanted a photo of these..and the fact that I missed several times..catching only a blur as they zoomed past..(sorry..we zoomed past)..They are now a tourist sight and are admired by the regular train travellers who get excited each time we approach the cement works...it is good to have things to look out for!

I was very pleased with the last photo...my 4th attempt..photography at 30+ miles per hour is an art in itself.

AND THEN....I thought I would have another shot at it on Tuesday when I was sat alone....shot 5...

my best one so far....and we were going pretty fast.