Tuesday, 28 February 2012

101 uses for a......(book by Vladimir Arkhipov))

I am finding it impossible to find real life examples of people being resourceful, I look out for them all the time. So I will have to include this book by VLADIMIR ARKHIPOV called "Home-made" Contemporary Russian Folk Artifacts.
The book includes wonderful examples of the make do and mend attitude when you have no alternative.
Examples include:-
TV aerial made from forks
A crutch made from a spade
A home for a queen bee made from a plastic hair curler.
This book is filled with many other beautiful and touching objects made out of what ever was to hand, along with stories about why they were made.

Sunday, 26 February 2012

101 uses for a newspaper

Three uses for a newspaper.
Lining yours drawers.
Drying out your metal bin. (will not work for wheely bins)
Polishing up your windows. (this does actually work)

101 uses for a..

Set of HOUSEHOLD HINTS cards from 1936..a make do and mend era I admire.
I found this set on a boot sale this morning for £2 and will blog a couple of relevant cards.